Pet SimulatorEdit

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  • The best pet in the game is the giant cat but it is actually called in game the huge cat
  • The best egg in the game currently is the tier 18 egg
  • When was it last updated:In November
  • When was it popular: When it came out
  • The 2nd best pet is the Dark matter Dominus Huge
  • Update coming soon!

Jailbreak Edit

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  • The most bounty was more than 20k!
  • The richest person is badcc
  • the creators were: Asimo3089 and Badcc
  • New vehicle:Ambulance

Ice Cream SimulatorEdit

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  • The Highest Amount of rebirths is 9Qn
  • Rebirths make you better
  • Easy to get rebirths
  • GLITCH!!!:hold your mouse and press the quest button then close it and it will become a free auto clicker!(The auto clicker cost robux!)

The Actual Roblox Edit

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  • Website:
  • added arthro
  • New Animation
  • More games
  • Lots of robux to buy
  • richest robloxian
  • has the most robux ever!

Bandit Simulator Edit

Information Edit

  • Get crates and get new guns!
  • update 2.5 came!
  • New emotions!
  • It is 35% chance of becoming a bandit
  • it is 65% chance of becoming a Sherif
  • More Gamepasses soon!

The Creator of Roblox (David Basucki) Edit

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  • David Basucki is the creator of roblox
  • Works at Roblox Corporation
  • Name in Roblox: ROBLOX

Metal Detecting Simulator Edit

  • There is a Infinite Backpack for sale
  • There are 6 specific gamepasses that makes you level up like crazy!(Ain't tell'in ya!)

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